what's with the text across the images?
it's on the net, it must be free!
I'm doing you a favor by re-posting your work
It's an honor to have your work stolen
why are you such a fucking asshole?


I'm not a photo studio.  I'm an underground artist who lives at the poverty level.  I choose to live my life in an honest and open manner.  While that closes many doors to me, it allows me a kind of freedom in living my life that I treasure.  I belong to no one.  No one is pulling the puppet strings on how I choose to live my life.

My work is very personal and intense. I don't pay models to pose for me.  People pose for me because they believe in the work I am doing, the voice I am speaking with and the way I am living my life.  I photograph friends and family and people who become friends and family by letting me into their lives. This is a history, not a commercial image factory. Not only is no one getting rich doing this, I frequently can't afford to pay my rent and bills.

I want to share my work, not lose it.  I don't mind anyone downloading my images and looking at them on their computer.  But copying erotic art and posting it on the internet, or using it as the basis for your artwork is stealing.  The internet age has not yet truly caught up to the idea of personal and intellectual property and the rights of the individuals who create that work to control how and where it is seen.

So please, enjoy my work, but please, respect my copyright.

Only I or someone I authorize has the right to publish my work, or post my work on the internet.  When you publish or post work that you do not have explicit permission to publish or post, you are STEALING!

And if you SEE examples of my work on the net, without my credits on a personal or commercial website or database, PLEASE let me know. If you can, copy the pix and send it to me with the file name and url where you found it.