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Michael Blue/Midori

Michael Blue and Midori

These photographs are the combined efforts of photographer Michael Blue and "rigger" Midori, born of a desire to create elegant images of creative erotic bondage and show them to the world. These images showcase gorgeous women in rope bondage, but they're much more than that. Each intimate portrait uses the experience of bondage as a crucible to bring out characteristics like sensuality, vulnerability, and strength, from each woman.

Midori, a highly respected educator on alternative sexuality and kink, wrote the first Western guide to Shibari entitled 'The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage' (Greenery). She is also renowned for stunning, extremely creative bondage and suspension scenes. As a self identified fetishist, Midori frequently uses elements of fetish in the scenes - latex, leather, corsets, high heels and lingerie. A strict sense of aesthetics and art rule her vision of bound female sexuality. Born and raised in Japan, her bondage art often reflects her cultural heritage of ikebana, gardening, and Japanese sexual sensitivities.

Coming from a commercial photography background that included magazine and advertising photography for Fortune 100 companies, Michael Blue has several successful gallery shows to his name. Don't call him a bondage or fetish photographer, lest you forget his work in the worlds of fashion, figure, and fine art portraiture. Known for dramatic lighting and clean composition, he works to help the true beauty in each of his subjects emerge.

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