Mark I. Chester

images from Outcasts

David and Bill in rubber

Or David.  I can’t even remember where I met him any more, but it probably was at a South of Market bathhouse.  That's where I met a lot of people.  When you'd see people later in the real world, the line often used was, "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

Thru David I met his partner Bill who ran the New World Rubberman’s Club.  I came to one of their gatherings in San Diego where they lived.  It was an amazing sight.  Men hung around in rubber from early morning thru til night and beyond.  There were meals, videos, play and I took photographs of hot guys in rubber.

After the gathering David and I were playing.  I had him mummified when his partner came down to the basement and said, Your mother is on the line.  Now, I don't know about you, but I would have said, I'll call back later.  But I've always wondered if this was a little poke from Bill to his partner for having more sex after the gathering where there had already been days of sex.

It was this absurd scene with David all wrapped up in rubber, still blindfolded and bound to a horizontal bench.  So I sat next to him and held the phone to his ear.  There were long periods of silence in which I could hear his mother speaking in Chinese.  And every once in awhile, I would hear David say "Neh!" or something like that.  And even though I don’t speak Chinese, I could tell that David was repeating over and over what must be the Chinese equivalent of ‘yes, mother............ yes, mother............. yes, mother.’

The only time anyone has spoken to their mother in the middle of one of my sex scenes.  ;)