Mark I. Chester

images from Outcasts

Light Drawing by Dirk Dykstra - angel in bondage


This light drawing was done by Dirk Dykstra in a totally dark studio in 1983. It was one of a series of light experiments I did in the early 1980s. Light drawing is particularly difficult because unlike drawing on paper, after each line is put down, there is no record left for the drawer to refer to, except on film. So you are literally drawing blind.  When I asked Dirk what it was, he told me he had drawn an angel in bondage.

Dirk was an extremely interesting, artistic and kinky leatherman.  His focus was erotic drawings of men in bondage and his personal turn on was, men in bondage.  We got to know each other when he did graphic design for Drummer magazine.  He was tall, broad, handsome and looked great in his gear.  Maybe one of the few leather artists I know who looks like one of his drawings.  He said he was a twin, and his twin, who was heterosexual, was also heavily into bondage.