Mark I. Chester

images from Outcasts

Rob and Dave - cumshot

I think this was the first time that someone had sought me out and asked me to take photographs of him and his lover having sex.  Rob and Dave were from NJ and visiting San Francisco.  They were into sm sex, with leather, handcuffs, tit clamps, a police baton, blindfold, boot licking, cock sucking and other fun stuff.  And they were bears; they definitely were not gym built body boys.  And at that time, definitely not fodder for erotic work.

It was a challenge because I had only photographed my own sex scenes up to that point.  But it was also fun to photograph the interaction, something, of course, that I couldn't do when I was photographing my own scenes.  As the photographer, I was in an unusual place.  I was an uninvolved observer, standing quietly and observing.  But at the same time, I am involved.  The click of the camera and my heightened beat, are definitely heard by the participants.  And just as their excitement drives me, my excitement drives them.

I love the fact that the camera could capture this particular moment.  His cum is shooting and it looks like it is just hanging in the air.  Itís not something you can see with the naked eye when itís happening.  It goes too fast.  So capturing it is about seeing with your heart, as opposed to seeing with your eye.  Feeling the force, so to speak. ;)