Mark I. Chester

images from Outcasts



There are times when you photograph someone and you discover that they donít really know how beautiful they are.  And I donít mean just those with a classical kind of beauty, either.  Itís about how you see.  What you are open to.  What your energy draws from someone.

I find this portrait of Darrin overflowing with eroticism, yet, all heís doing is sitting and looking at the camera.  And youíd think that someone with Darrinís body would understand how beautiful he is.  Not that Darrin thinks that he is unattractive.  But it changes the dynamic when you hear it from outside yourself.  Then itís not just some self-gratifying grand delusion of personal narcissism.

Iíd like to think that I could take beautiful photographs of Darrin.  Photographs that reveal his true beauty; not just how beautiful his body is.  Iíd like to think that this photograph takes the first step in that direction.