Mark I. Chester

images from Outcasts

cigar smokiní leather boot doggie and his lover


Ok, I have a confession to make.  I try as best I can to document something of reality.  Not having other people live out my fantasies or work out my *stuff*, but exploring what they have to share.  Something personal and intimate about themselves is at a minimum introduced into the mix.

So this photograph is really my own personal construction.  Jim and Jon were lovers and were both into the leather and radical sex scene, although each was into a bit different aspect of the scene.  I was fascinated by this bottom hood for a cigar smoker that Jim had made, based on his own personal fetish.  I couldn't help myself.  I knew he was into boots, so I asked him to lace a pair of knee high Wesco loggers on his hands.  In the playing around I asked him to put his arm/boot around his partner's shoulders and asked Jon to put his head in his hands.

So it is a construction rather than a description of their relationship.  At the same time, I loved the total obsessiveness of it, the total leather coverage, 2 pairs of boots, and the leather cigar smoking hood.  And the partner is shaking his head and wondering what has become of his life. ;)  And I think there is a thread of truth in this as it relates to all relationships.  It is the nature of relationships and compromise that you don't love everything about someone.  You don't love every kink, every twist, every thing that hits their funny bone.  Love means accepting them as they are.  Even if they are a obsessed cigar smokin' leather boot doggie.