Sex, Art & Politics
Supporters & Thank Yous!

Mark I. Chester & Dr. Carol Queen would like to thank the following groups and individuals for providing a wide range of different kinds of support for Sex, Art & Politics.  We are in your debt and deeply appreciate the good will and effort that many groups and individuals are putting out on our behalf.  The individuals are listed in no particular order.  I'll continue to update this list over time.  If I have forgotten you, please forgive me and drop me an email to remind me to include you.

Barbara Nitke
The SF Citadel - Phil & August
Robert Lawrence
Steve Davis
Fakir Musafar
Charles Gatewood
Phyllis Christopher
Michael Blue & Midori
Shilo McCabe
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Vivienne Kramer
Susan Wright
The Society of Janus
particularly Angela and minimo
The Spectator & Dara Dahl
Lucky Choi and
The Leatherman's Discussion Group
Fetish Diva Midori
Diana Cage
Cameron Eng
Craig Morey
Larry Utley
Rocket & The Exiles
Happy Hyder
Lesbian Visual Artists
& their web maven Shilo McCabe
David Steinberg

And here are some SF retail stores that put up posters for this event cheerfully

Mr. S.
Madame S.
Stormy Leather
Taste of Leather
Pick Me Up Cafe
The Cake Gallery