Jack Davis    A Show of Penises
Artist Resume
April, 2007

Jack Davis    photo by Mark I Chester

    In 1975 I received my Masters degree in Art, focusing on Fibers, from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. My graduate show included wall hangings, coiled baskets and crocheted penises.

    After I moved to California, my first show was in 1983 at Good Vibrations where I exhibited my penises. Since then I have shown my work in several non-mainstream venues in San Francisco including 848 Community Space, A Different Light Bookstore and the old Josie’s Cabaret. Along the way I stopped doing large wall pieces that required a loom and for which I had to charge a lot of money. I have focused on penises that can be produced with a single hook and are more affordable.

    For a few years starting in 1990, I co-facilitated workshops with Keith Hennessy in which we brought together queer men to get naked and explore the relationship between sex and spirituality. We called the workshops Phallic/Image. In the first ones I led the participants through the experience of making a penis by wrapping and winding strips of fabric while they were naked.

    Eventually the indoor workshops moved outdoors. We did a workshop at Baker Beach. We did sex ritual in the middle of Castro and 18th Street on several Halloweens and Pink Saturdays. The Castro rituals were called HomoHex and the intention was to reclaim the holidays and the neighborhood as queer. Ten years later people are still talking about them.

    My focus has been queer men, sex and ritual and I have been crocheting penises all of this time. Recently I decided that it was time to get them up on the wall and show what I have been doing these past couple of years.



showed penises in Masters degree exhibit

received Masters degree in Art, focusing on Fibers Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois


moved to California


showed penises at Good Vibrations


showed penises at Mark Chester’s studio


created penis altar for Keith Hennessy’s Sacred Boy

showed penises in window of A Different Light Bookstore

co-facilitated Phallic Image workshops with Keith Hennessy where we got naked queer men together to explore sex and spirituality and made penises


co-organized HomoHex 1 with Keith Hennessy, a naked sex ritual on Halloween in the middle of the intersection of 18th and Castro in order to reclaim the holiday and the neighborhood


HomoHex 2 at Pink Saturday

HomoHex 3 at Halloween


Ritual/Glamour, one person show at 848 Community Space

HomoHex 4 at Pink Saturday

HomoHex 5 at Halloween

curated Dick Show at 848 Community Space, a visual art show about penises
started to work for Good Vibrations


HomoHex 6 at Pink Saturday

showed penises at a Different Light Bookstore

talked about sex toys for men, dildos and butt plugs, on the Joan Jett Blakk talk show at Josie’s

HomoHex 7 at Halloween


co-authored with Keith Hennessy, an article about HomoHex, published in Movement Research Performance Journal and RFD.

HomoHex 8 at Pink Saturday


curated Sex Work visual art show at 848 Community Space

co-facilitated with Carol Queen, a sex ritual for SF Jacks at 1808 Club, the site of the SF LGBT Center

organized a contingent of Radical Faeries to pull a cart with a 5 foot wooden penis in the Gay Day parade

presented workshops about sex toys for men at Good Vibrations
showed penises at Good Vibrations, Valencia Store


with Carol Queen, co-edited Sex Spoken Here, an anthology of written work from the Good Vibrations erotic reading circle


curated Retrospection, retrospective art exhibit at 848, included penises


showed penises at Good Vibrations, Polk Street Store
included with SF Jacks penis show at Good Vibrations, Polk Street Store