Mark I. Chester studio
1229 Folsom St./SF     415-621-6294

Thursday, March 29th -  Hot Draw! - 6:30pm-9:30pm
A drawing session with erotic, sexual, leather, bondage and or fetish poses
I open my home/studio to friends and artists who enjoy drawing erotic poses
Call Mark at 415-621-6294 to reserve
Our model for this session is Thib, pictured below
The focus will be fetish gear in leather, rubber and spandex

Hot Draw!
an erotic fetish drawing group for gay men
an unusual sketching opportunity
with an erotic leather, bondage, fetish bent

intimate South of Market home/studio
at 1229 Folsom St. (near 8th St)
open drawing session, no instruction
suggested donation

Keith, a past model at Hot Draw!

open to sketchers of all skill levels
open to gay or gay friendly men only

We are currently meeting once a month, often on the 4th Thursday of the month.  But that can change for months with holidays during those last two weeks like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So please check with us for our current schedule.

for further information call Mark at 415-621-6294


The Hot Draw! galleries give you a sense of what Hot Draw! is all about.  One of the exciting things about the group is that every session has been very different.  What happens is influenced by the skills and interests of the men modeling. The poses may include leather, gear and fetish clothing in addition to bondage and eroticism.

I am always looking for interesting men who want to participate.  Having a good sense of fun and some exhibitionism helps, but no modeling experience is necessary.  Contact me at 415-621-6294 or email me at for more information.