Steve Davis
Dan's Gallery

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This series of drawings was actually inspired by the original portrait, at the top of this page, drawn using only black and olive colored pencils. The pink in the mouth was a stain from a highlighter that had fallen on the paper several days earlier, and I was down to that stained piece of white paper, so I just hid the stain in his lower lip. I almost never attempt faces, and rarely capture a likeness when I do. So the fact that I managed, I think, to do both and get the geometry of Dan's face correct, especially his glasses, was really satisfying. So much so that I started seeing more potential in the drawing and copying it, then 'redrawing' it in different ways, each capturing something different than the others. The best part about the whole process was that I had a blast, and even though the entire series was just over an hour's worth of work, time practically stopped. For me, it was a pure art moment.