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Gay Men's Sketch
Model Galleries


These are galleries of some of the men who have recently posed for Gay Men's Sketch.  It doesn't include all of our models, because some models prefer not to be exposed publicly on our website. 

Some are professional models and some do it just for fun.  We are open to both experienced models and community men who want to experience being a nude model for gay artists.

I try my best to hire a range of models, in terms of age, race, body type and experience.  We do have some models who have great physiques.  But it would be boring for us to draw the same body type week after week.  At the same time, whether the model is stocky, or tall and thin, or muscular, younger or older, we enjoy drawing someone who is nice to look at.  A lot of that is about how a model carries himself and his personality.  We enjoy drawing men with somewhat friendly outgoing personalities.

Click on thumbnails in the index to the left to bring up the model's gallery, which include more images and sometimes other information about the model.

If a model does not include contact information, the model may be contacted by emailing me at