Mark I. Chester studio
1229 Folsom St./SF     415-621-6294

Gay Men's Sketch
a male figure drawing group

Calendar & Upcoming Events

We meet every Tuesday night  I haven't had time in recent months to regularly keep up the calendar, but I assure you that we are meeting every Tuesday night, without fail.

All sessions take place at my home/studio at 1229 Folsom St., starting at 6:30pm, unless otherwise noted.  To reserve space, call 415-621-6294 the day of the group that you would like to attend and leave a message letting me know that you are coming.

Check out the drawings in our artist galleries
We encourage ALL our sketchers to join our online gallery.

Check out our model galleries
I've recently posted multiple new galleries for all of the models from Gay Men's Sketch in the first two rows of the table below.  I've also posted 9 new Hot Draw! galleries, some of which are represented in the last two rows of the table below.

model: Joe

model: Rob

model: Micah

model: James

model: Paul

model: Adam

Hot Draw!

Gallery 26

Hot Draw!

Gallery 27

Hot Draw!

Gallery 28

Hot Draw!

Gallery 29

Hot Draw!

Gallery 30

Hot Draw!

Gallery 33