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March 1, 2012


photo of the day 3/1/2012 - photo Mark I Chester
photo of Diego de la Hoya from 7/2004

I have many obsessions. This photo of Diego shows at least 6 of them. See how many you can count. And that wasn't all of them. If you saw Diego from head to toe at the moment I took this photo, a few more of my obsessions would be included. I love his serious steamy look. Wow! Some men you photograph just set off fireworks without even trying. And while you think that might be hot or fun, it's actually difficult to remain professional and focused while you are responding like a Pavlovian dog to your damn bell being rung, over and over again. It is a kind of personal test of wills. The model's beauty and raw sexuality up against your cool in-control photographic eye. Well, not that I am ever cool and in-control. The idea of 'look, don't touch' is a very careful line drawn in the sand. I know some people fantasize that taking erotic photographs is just a series of orgies. And while that is far from the truth, I am not claiming that I have never strayed. ;)

I remember one photo session with a celebrated author who was visiting San Francisco. The session had gone very well and had been a lot of fun. At some moment I looked up and he was standing there, looking at me and he was clearly very turned on. And he gave me this look. It said, you can cross that line. I want you to. I must have hesitated because he cocked his head just a bit more, and I was lost. I later teased him, a la Deborah Kerr in Tea & Sympathy, 'When you write about this, and I know you will, be kind.' I guess I beat him to the punch. ;)