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February 29, 2012

photo of the day 2/29/12 - photo Mark I Chester

My friend Vandermere purchased these used Dehner Patrol Boots the other day. He said that he knew that he was destined to own them from the first moment he saw them. When he tried them on, they fit like a glove. Last night Joe and I took him out to a few SF bars in his leather uniform shirt, leather pants and Dehners, his first such public excursion. I took this pix of him in his new boots (new to him) to document this important moment in his life.

He told me tonight that I helped him see himself in a new light and that he feels like it has changed something essential about him. I was very touched by his nice compliment. Sometimes being photographed results in much more than just a group of hot sexy images. I am a witness to transformation, evolution, discovery and exploration. It means a great deal to me when someone chooses to share his personal and private journey with me.