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February 01, 2012


photo of the day 2/1/2012 photo Mark I Chester
sepia toned digital photograph of Linus from 2/2004

Linus was very well endowed. He created a cult of personality around his dick. Now, I am not obsessed with size like some gay men. But even though I don't worship size, as the singular most important aspect of a man, I can be impressed. And with Linus, I was very impressed. In an online world where every gay man is endowed (at least in online inches) it was nice to see someone who not only said he was endowed, but in reality was actually endowed.

It's a gift from god. Or a curse depending on how you see it. And how you use it.  <eg>  I think to Linus, publicly it was a gift from god, but I wonder if sometimes privately, it wasn't a curse. Yes, we all want to be loved. And some of us want to be worshiped. But who wants to be thought of as just a big dick. Even those most desperate for attention are still real people somewhere down under, well , at least we hope they are. Linus left this world on his own accord. He had the word *truth* tattooed on one hand and the word *seeker* inked on the other. The problem with being a truth seeker, is that I think Linus finally was faced with a truth that he couldn't ignore.