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January 23, 2012


photo of the day 1/23/2012 photo Mark I Chester
photo of Michael Walton, taken 5/1998 in a session with his brother Scott Walton.

I am posting this photograph in honor of Michael who sadly passed away this evening. I only had the honor of spending one night with Michael during this photo session with his brother Scott, but he made a lasting impression. I hope this photograph of him will give you even the smallest sense of his laughter and good humor and loving spirit.

When Scott told me that he had a gay brother, I was fascinated. I am the only gay person in my family. If I had had a gay brother, I think my family history would have been very different. So I immediately told Scott that if Michael ever came to SF, that I would love to photograph them together. And before we knew it, he did visit. When he showed up for the shoot, I couldn't stop giggling (silently) because not only were they gay brothers, but they both had glasses and facial hair, two of my favorite fetishes. Photo sessions can be both complicated and difficult, but this session was a pleasure for all of us. You could tell how much Scott and Michael loved each other and how much they shined in each other's presence. We took serious photos, we took silly photos and there was a lot of laughter and joy in every moment.

I chose a photograph of Scott and Michael laughing to be included in my series 'the dream of my youth is dead, but I can't stop dreaming' calling it "the wonderful Walton Brothers, gay siblings with facial hair and glasses." And yes, there were moments of 'good night, Johnboy.'

A couple of years later, I did a show called Outcasts, and I exhibited this photograph of Michael, by himself. This is how I will remember him smiling, laughing and loving. May he rest in peace and may his name be for a blessing.