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January 15, 2012


This was a pretty momentous shoot for me. I haven't been able to do new work in 4 months because I herniated a disc in my back. Plus, one month ago on the day I received a cortisone shot to help reduce inflammation and pain, I suffered some age related issues with my left eye, compromising my sight in that eye, although only time will tell if things improve or not. My left eye was my stronger eye and the eye I used to photograph with. Being in extreme pain from the herniated disc and my eyesight being compromised, has really affected me.

I had photographed Parry before and he got that my confidence had been shaken, but he wanted to go ahead anyway. Friends helped me set up my studio, Parry brought a friend, Dean, to help get him in the mood and to help with moving stuff around during the shoot, and another friend has offered to help me tear the studio down afterwards. It was a fun shoot, they liked the images that came out of it and it helped me get my sea legs again. (Whatever that means.....) Things are not great, but taking photographs is far more healing than not being able to. If life is a journey, than I am definitely on an exciting, frightening and, I hope, ultimately revealing journey right now.