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December 31, 2011

A New Year's Eve Story of Depravity, Food and Friendship

The highlight of my New Year's Eve was being asked by a pal to go to Mr. S. Leathers because they wanted to purchase a special present for themselves. It turned out to be a butt plug. Actually they hadn't told me what they were going to get. But it had obviously been researched down to available sizes. Heavy. Metal and rubber. Very high tech look. They couldn't decide between a large and an extra large, although I must tell you that there was also a 2X extra large and possibly a 3X (think family size and then freaking gigantic) but it would have required my getting down on my knees to see the tags and size and I wasn't ready to do that at Mr. S. <eg>) They wanted the extra large but they also told me that they had a habit of their eyes being bigger than their stomach to borrow a metaphor, at least when it came to this item. I figured at $10/use, they had to use it at least 13 times for it to be cost effective. They just laughed and said, no problem, I expect it to get daily use. In the end (say what?), they decided on the large with eyes on the extra large for the future.


Sexually, I feel sooooooo simple and basic these days. Not vanilla by any stretch, but compared to most everyone else I know these days, almost. Just because I've photographed it, doesn't mean I do it personally now. In 1979, it was the reverse: I did it and then I photographed it. ;)

We had dinner at a local Folsom St. eatery (which I won't mention due to this posts subject matter), had a wonderful dinner of fillet of sole in white wine, lemon juice and capers with a small salad and still crunchy sautéed mixed veggies. I think they loved shocking the couple seated almost on top of us as we continued our Mr. S. conversation. At least it will give this couple a good story to tell their uptight friends. The day was maybe a bit quiet overall, but I had great company and it was a quite wonderful, but nasty, way to celebrate New Year's Eve.

I send all my friends and cohorts a wish for good health, good times and good friends. Have a great life and reach out to someone in our community who is less fortunate than you are and while you celebrate your good fortune, make someone else's life just a little bit brighter. (p.s. They are probably going to kill me for sharing this, so read it fast before it disappears. <eg> I haven't included any names to protect the not so innocent.)

pps. They approved this post. Their note included the following

FYI - I probably *could* have gotten the next size up, and will do so in a few months. It was well worth the expense! As to you being simple and basic, I'm not even going to comment ;) I'd just like to point out that butt plugs *are* simple and basic. This was just an extra fancy-schmancy one.