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December 24, 2011


photo of the day 12/24/2011. photo Mark I Chester
Scott & Dwayne from Sexual Portraits & Private Acts from the Warzone, 1987

I am posting this in honor of Dwayne's birthday. I had asked Scott O'Hara if I could photograph him. Scott was well known as a porn star with a huge dick, but he was also the most sex positive person that I have ever met.  He did porn because he could, it was fun and he believed in sex.  I think Scott appreciated that I knew nothing of his porn career and just dealt with him for himself.  Scott was a muse to many a gay artist and photographer across the country. He was actually the very first model we had for Gay Men's Sketch in 3/1987.

In another recent post, I claimed to be photographically fearless and in some ways I was. But in other ways, I was also incredibly shy. And for some reason, with Scott, I was shy. Dwayne and Scott hung out together at that time and they had a complicated relationship. ;) I could never figure out exactly where the lines were, if there were lines. So I talked Dwayne into joining the shoot.  Somehow it seemed safer.

I love this shot because it captures something of who they each were, individually and together; that complicated relationship. I also loved breaking away from the studio backdrop, including the wall, Scott's bike and his clothes. It was like the fantasy world of men and sex on one side and the real world on the other.

Happy Birthday, Dwayne!