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December 13, 2011


photo of the day 12/13/2011. photo Mark I Chester
"I cooked Marques dinner, shaved his head and took this photograph after which he smoked a cigarette on the back porch while I licked his boots under the moonlight ............. did I mention that I'm turned on to men named Mark?" from the series 'the dream of my youth is dead, but I can't stop dreaming,' 1997-98

It is true. I have always been turned on to men named Mark. What can I say? I find Marks to be some of the most interesting people I meet. Now all the Marks on my list are wondering if I am turned on to them. <eg> My dear Marks, don't worry if your name is Mark. My turn on is not limited to an erotic response. Fascination also works.

Mark probably derives from the name Marcus, but also is referenced by Mars and ideas of power and war and courage. And personally we love the name Mark because there is no diminutive - no Johnny, no Danny, no Bobby. I once met a guy whose birth name was Jimmy and let me say that he was not a happy camper being forced to go through life with the legal name of a child. He made sure we all called him James. ;)

Some famous people named Mark: Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Twain (even if it wasn't his real name), Mark Rothko, Marky Mark/Mark Wahlberg, Mark Burnett, Mark Hamill and Mark David Chapman (Hey Wait! How did THAT get in here....... grump!) I am sure you can add your own famous Marks. Marks rule!