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November 20, 2011

photo of the day 11/20/2011. photo Mark I Chester
photograph of Kevin Woodson doing a performance for an art opening at the Mark I Chester studio in the mid 1990s. (?)
I love this polaorid. Kevin painted this background which was gorgeous with the black and white and gray squares and then laid the model down across the painted background and then painted him into the background. Just beautiful!

Here was Kevin's response on Facebook:

Thanks Mark, this rocks! Hmmm... my first performance art ever. Thanks to encouraging (arm twisting) from -- who else -- the very same Mark I Chester!

Memories of the day: 1.) it was cold and gray, I think December. I think the event was... called 'A Dark Jew's Christmas Party.' One hellufa memorable Christmas, Mark, let me tell you. 2.) A lot of people came!!!! 3.)The model is lying on several large sheets of some special punkrock paper that I could do designs, like the squares in this one, real fast. I'd done the designs in my studio, brought the paper on my bike, and assembled it on your floor 4.) something broke. I know something broke, I always broke shit those days. Mark - What broke? 5.) That's Mark's duct tape holding the model's arms and legs helplessly down.

6.) At the end of the piece, I 'cut' the model out of the background paper and he walked away, leaving a model shaped hole. I dunno if he didn't cum first? 7.) That picture really IS a Mark Chester original Polaroid. 8.) That's the baddest ass pair of jeans I ever owned, made by the HAGS SF, and particularly by Gary Michael and Joann Roble.  Joann's cousin Gary made the pants, which brings us up to 9.

9.) Horhound Stillpoint read from his latest xerox chapbook about cruising and dark spaces after the evening got underway. 10.) That's the first time I ever saw... uh, facebook Kevin,... facebook. Never mind. 11.) My very bold and straight college roommate and Michigan Daily co-editor, Miguel Cruz came and sat through all my body painting and silly jumping around on stage with fish hooks, but probably regretted pushing his luck when an audience member leaped to the stage, pulled Horehound Stillpoint's jeans down and put his finger somewhere you couldn't see it anymore. Horehound, amazingly, kept on reading, not missing a beat.  12.) Mark was charming and cute like always:-) and finally.....

13.) the model wasn't wearing any underwear.