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November 18, 2011

photo of the day 11/18/2011
Scan of a letter from my friend Jon after receiving one of my imaginary (no... not really) shipments back in the late 1970s/early 1980s when he was living and working in Mexico. I told you that he sent me a letter with a pair of plastic baby hands. I just came across it. This was hanging on my walls during the Folsom St. Fire in July of 1981. The SFPD and SFFD did not tear it down like the political posters satirizing then Mayor Diane Feinstein and that murdering psychopath Dan White. I guess they didn't find the baby hands a threat. <eg> Here is the text under the baby hands. I loved Jon's insanity. It was like speaking in tongues except that I understood him even though I didn't know the language. I mean who else would send me a letter like this?

Dear Sonny:

Grandmas's candy arrived in good order and she put it right into her grissly, old mouth. Mmmm, so good. Makes her feel young again. Makes her feel .....

Remember little baby Elrod? His dear, sainted mother sent me the enclosed remains from his adventure with the chain saw in the basement. Thought you might be able to wear them some place.

How was your Fourth of July? All Red, White and Blue? How Red and how Blue? Did your firecracker(s) go off? Did you wave your flag in the wind as your good old Grandmother always tells you to do?

Be a good boy and stay out of the part after dark. I must have just one more piece of candy, before slipping off to sleep.

God Bless You,