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November 7, 2011

photo of the day 11/7/2011. photo Mark I Chester
photo of Paul from New Zealand

I know I have been obsessed with 544, so I thought it was time to take a break and just post some eye candy. Paul was the second shoot on my exploration of men 50+. The project is on hold at the moment til I am back photographing. There are plenty of photographers who will only photograph 20s/30s physique gods. They seek a kind of ultimate perfection. Picture after picture after picture of ultimate perfection. It is hot and it is also mind numbing. It sets an unattainable standard for what we as gay men should look like. Plus, it's easy to take hot photographs of a hot guy. A crappy photograph of a hot guy is still a hot photograph.

I am just the opposite. I am not seeking perfection. I am seeking truth, a personal moment, an honest and revealing response from someone who is beautifully imperfect. Some of my most difficult shoots have been with a man who have had visible signs of throat cancer surgery and another who had had a partial stroke so half of his face muscles didn't respond normally. But these shoots have also been some of my most rewarding. Don't get me wrong. I'd photograph perfection any day. I just don't put a sign on my door saying, Sorry, you must be perfect to ride this ride. :)