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November 7, 2011

2nd photo of the day 11/7/2011. photo Mark I Chester
photo of a German bodybuilder from Outcasts. c.1989

More eye candy. The simple unvarnished truth. A body. Light. A backdrop. No spectacle. No photoshop. No artifice and design. No nothing. Just an image of a body that will make some lick their lips, and maybe with others it will touch something inside and maybe even others an appreciation of photo technique and concept. Some days they just appear on your doorstep and say, "Me!" Geez, I wish that was true. <big grin> Well I guess it is true, but I assure you that it happens far too rarely, I'm afraid. And even when it does happen, like with this Chinese bodybuilder that couldn't contain himself after looking at my work and the next thing I knew he had stripped down to next to nothing and ..... let's just say my initial response was surprise. I mean I love that my photographs *touched* him, I just wasn't ready for the response. ;)