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November 6, 2011

photo of the day 11/6/2011. photo Mark I Chester
photo of Mark Thompson 4/1982 from the series "Marked Men" - body portraits that explore breaking down the normal rectangular borders of the photograph.

Mark Thompson was another 544 devotee and we were involved when I took these photographs. He was still living in San Francisco at that time. Writers are interesting to photograph because they are so used to being invisible and allowing their work to speak for them, much in the same way that photographers react when they are forced in front of the camera. Terrified! <eg> One can write book after book about the sexual universe and one can be quite sexually active but it is quite another thing to become that sexual icon yourself and to allow yourself to be put up on a pedestal. To become an object of desire. A metaphor for a time and place, and after all these years, one that is now long gone. A moment cut from time, from all those moments constantly ticking away. Celebrating at that moment how wonderful it was to be alive; a sexual gay man living in San Francisco.