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November 4, 2011

photo of the day 11/4/2011. photo Mark I Chester. Photo of Whoopie Goldberg c. 1982 performing on the stage of 544 Natoma Performance Gallery. Lou Rudolph's performance paintings are on exhibit on the wall behind her.

Of course, this is before Whoopie was *discovered.* In fact there was almost no one in the audience for this performance. I regularly documented performers at 544 and I photographed Whoopie twice at 544; once in the solo show in the photo above and the 2nd time as part of the Blakestreet Hawkeyes, a performance group located in Berkeley. Photographing theater was a kind of therapy for me after the Folsom St. Fire. Peter brought in every kind of performance and art show, many of the performers, although not all of them, were gay or gay friendly and many of the performances somehow dealt with sexuality.

By this time Whoopie had already created many of the characters that would later populate Spook Show and follow her to a theater in NY. And the rest is history. The old jewish lady. The valley girl. The crack addict. And more. And yes, never having heard of Whoopie before and never having seen her, I expected to see a white jewish girl as her name suggests. <eg> If I remember right, the flyer for the event had no photo but had a drawing of a zaftig white jewish girl from the suburbs.