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October 29, 2011

photo of the day 10/29/2011. Part 2. The reverse side of the postcard below.  Postmark date in 1980.

This came from my friend Jon who I originally met back in Milwaukee. Jon was the head of a Montessori school, although I probably met him at the Wreck Room, a *masculine* bar hidden in Milwaukee's industrial south side. We connected immediately, although it wasn't a sexual connection. Somehow he knew that he could say just about anything to me and I wouldn't raise an eyebrow. I think it was about being able to be yourself without the kind of censoring that we normally do when we are interacting with unknowledgeable family and business associates.  We were family.

I love the fact that he claims to be in NYC, but if you check the postmark, the postcard was actually sent from Cleveland, no less. I have no idea where he actually was.  I love his comment "Planning to join a nude ice hockey team under the name of Natalie Eversharp." He knew I would appreciate the thought because it was so out in left field. And I did.  It was like saying, "in a world filled with Ozzie and Harriets, they have no idea what is going on right under their noses."

Before moving to San Francisco he moved to Mexico for a couple of years for more Montessori work. I'd send him letters with sheets of blotter acid between the sheets of the letter. Jon was professional at work, but in his private life, he was not much a fan of unmitigated reality. But this is Facebook, so my comments are really just an exaggeration I've made up to catch your attention. But whether my comments are truth or fiction, it was part of the *eversharp* reality of my friendship with Jon. In one letter he included a tiny pair of toy plastic baby hands with some weird comment about Grandma cutting off the baby's hands for doing something *bad.*  In another missive he sent photographs he had taken of a variety of very fetching men in very fetching positions.  But the kicker was the top sheet which was folded over them and held in place with a paperclip.  On the top sheet he wrote, "I had them all and they were nothing."

After the Folsom St. Fire, certain items selectively disappeared from the walls of my apartment, while it was under the control of the SFPD and SFFD, including satirical cartoons aimed at Dan White, a political poster presenting then Mayor Diane Feinstein as a dominatrix with a whip after she increased the bus rates from 25 to 50 cents and a picture of a former pope dead and laying in state. sigh.... ok, I was a complex child. <eg>

They ignored this postcard though. You can see the pinhole on the left hand side where it was tacked to the wall. The original writing was in black ink. Anything that reads as blue was water damaged during the Folsom St. Fire.