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October 28, 2011


photo of the day 10/28/2011. photo Mark I Chester. 7/1983 photograph of Gina Wenkos' performance piece called "Boy's Breath."

Wendkos was at that time some kind of *wunderkind* who had exploded on the NY performance scene. She was hired to create a new performance piece with young men and women in San Francisco. I was hired by The Advocate to photographically document the process from auditions, to workshopping and development and through the live performance. I don't remember anything from this piece. It was ephemeral self-righteous self important nonsense. And while it's true that she included gay men in her work, I hated that in this piece, especially right at this time, that gay men were cast as *angels*. You know, the whole gay is dead thing so we turn you into angels so we can feel better about it. Plus, she was as tough as nails and about as friendly. But I guess it is rough out there. There's the real you and there is the hype about you. Still I really like this shot.  Can you pick out the gay angels as opposed to the hetero couples? Boy's Breath absolutely dripped in (pseudo) eroticism. <eg>