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October 21, 2011


photo of the day 10/21/2011. photo Mark I Chester. This is a photo of Glenn, 3/1999.

I first saw Glenn at a Gay Pride Celebration in San Francisco Civic Center. He was western dancing. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was just so beautiful. Stripped to the waist, with jeans and cowboy boots and cowboy hat. A muscled, yet perfectly proportioned physique. A shock of black hair. A tattoo whose colors seemed to literally vibrate against his skin color. And when he smiled, which he did often on that Gay Day, he was so cute that he could melt ice. I desperately wanted to go up to him and ask to photograph him. But I knew it just didn't feel like the right time or place. So I watched him discretely for some time and then went home figuring that he would just have to remain a fantasy because I would probably never see him again.

So I was shocked about two months later when a friend brought Glenn into my studio. I introduced myself and eventually asked Glenn if I could photograph him. He was very comfortable putting his body on display, but when it came to photographs he was also very modest and very G rated and very Japanese. ;) But also with a smoldering just barely contained eroticism. Photographs of Glenn still touch me in a very personal way.