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October 20, 2011


photo of the day 10/20/2011. photo Mark I Chester.

This is a photo in honor of the boot wearer's birthday. Unfortunately, I can't tell you who that is. And what a shame that it won't show up on his wall. <eg> One of the great pleasures of photographing the community are those people I get to see over time in their life journey. The first time that I met Mr. Boot, his life had gone through some dramatic changes. I could tell that he felt alone and uncertain; not really knowing what the next step in his life would be. Over the next two years, I have watched Mr. Boot connect with a special person (not the attractive young man on his boot in this pix though). He is no longer alone and uncertain and the power of that connection shows on his face.

I personally set up this shot. As soon as I saw it on the computer screen I begged <g> the boy to give me permission to show it.  I knew that others would understand this moment.  The boy's energy is so open and he is so present. He knows where he belongs.  Plus, I enjoy objectifying tops as sexual objects while focusing my lens on the bottoms.  Photographer as ultimate top. ;)