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October 20, 2011


3rd photo of the day. photo Mark I Chester.

Since posting the photograph of Howard, I've mostly been sitting at the computer and crying. Not even sure why. Maybe it is just the weight of so much death in one lifetime. Maybe it is that Howard is my generation. The reaper sits not very far away, even though we pretend not to notice. You see it's not that I was that close to Howard in the way that good friends are close. It's that when I photograph someone it changes me forever. Something happens. I feel intimately connected to that person. Like we both carry the same invisible tattoo. Or we carry the same brand. Or share some private personal secret that forever makes us blood brothers. It is an immense act of faith when someone pulls back the curtain and allows me to share in their life.

And I guess with the earthquake and Howard's passing, at this very moment I feel the weight of history, of so many lives, on my shoulders. And here I was hoping that posting this photograph would moderate my sorrow. ;)

I photographed Gui in 5/1983. While I am definitely a studio photographer, sometimes available light can create a marvelous palette. To me this is just such eye candy with the rich dark shadows of his physique. And the stairs transform into..... I'll let you decide what you see. This beautiful portrait was just a wonderful accident. Another end of the shoot photograph in which I am so moved by what I see, I can be heard begging Gui to not move a muscle; to not even breathe. I look through the shutter and I don't want this moment to ever end.