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October 20, 2011


2nd photo of the day photo Mark I Chester.

I am posting this photograph in honor of Howard Grayson, because I read the obits today in the Bay Area Reporter (which I rarely do) and there was Howard's obituary. This photo was taken circa 1981-1982. I had met Howard at the South of the Slot bathhouse. Having dealt with weight issues all my life, I always loved long lean boys with naturally muscled physiques. And Howard fit that description to a T. Plus he was about the nicest, most gentle and sweetest man that you could ever meet. Nice, gentle and sweet don't always do well in San Francisco. A few years ago he came to one of my exhibitions and re-introduced himself. It meant a lot to me that he had good memories of posing for me.

This photo became part of a series of images of men called "Marked Men." The images are over-processed, grainy, soft and high contrast. In this particular series, I often tried to break down the solid border of the photograph and allow the whites of the image to flow directly into the white of the border so that they were inseparable. Like a moebius strip, where the inside and the outside become the same side. Life is far too short and 30 years have passed far too quickly. The least I can do is stand at attention, salute as he passes by and share his image so that even in the smallest way his life will continue to touch the lives of others.