Mark I Chester photo of the day
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October 19, 2011


photo of the day 10/19/2011. photo Mark I Chester.

This is a photograph from 5/1982 of the artist Snowflake in his apartment. Not that many may remember him now, but Snowflake was at home at the Ambush bar with a group of other artists, photographers, playwrights and more. He was an incredible painter, clearly an artist in his own right, and yet he was totally satisfied doing painting shows at the Ambush. He had a unique style that could use intense graphic design and styling - the highway scene on the wall just barely broaches on that. Or he could tone it down so his painting of hills almost reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting of the hills of New Mexico.

And he wasn't afraid to paint men, gay sexuality and rough sex or afraid that he would be branded as a gay artist when he did. Since he never sought fame, what difference did it make? It meant more to him that his buyers were friends and fans from the gay community and his shows often sold out. No other artist at the Ambush could make that claim.