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October 15, 2011


photo of the day 10/15/2011. photo Mark I Chester.

A photo of my friend Mick who's birthday I just found out was 10/14. It kind of shocked me because another friend has the same birthday. Friend is such an inadequate word. i am talking about close, personal relationships, which if I am being honest, included the spectrum from my photographing them to VERY personal interactions without ever crossing the borders of jealousy or future fantasy That's what friends are for. <eg> But two close friends with the same birthday makes me want to think about what traits in common they have that must be attracting me.

Mick recently moved here from the UK. I took this shot of him on a previous trip to the US. I love it because I made him look like a London Tough, not skinhead but there definitely is a bit of aggro there. Or at least my fantasy of it. This came out of an experiment trying to use my photo studio in new and creative ways. I also love the shot from below profile. Mick's been waiting two years to get new photos, but now that he's finally here, we're having trouble finding mutual free time. Life in San Francisco. ;)