Mark I Chester photo of the day
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October 4, 2011


photo of the day 10/4/2011. photo Mark I Chester.

I am posting this photograph in honor of obsession. The most important element of success is determination and persistence and isn't that just another name for obsession? But that is the problem with obsession. Who is controlling whom? Are you in control of your obsession or are you a slave to your obsession, no matter where it takes you, down what road and into what dark alley. Of course along with obsession, this photograph is about evolution and recreating yourself in your own image, religious allusion intentional. We are all our own gods. If not of everything, at least of ourselves. Then again, when you give yourself over to an obsession, you are blinded by desire. Who knows where it will lead? Just ask the ghosts who walk the streets of San Francisco lost in my memory of a time that no longer exists.