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September 26, 2011


photo of the day, 9/26/2011
photo of Roger Klorese and David Haney from the 2011 Folsom St. Fair.

I haven't posted anything in days because every ounce of energy I had went into the Folsom St. Fair exhibit, Fear No Art and the digital pix special that weekend. We had a great opening with great performances. I think the show is a knock out for it's variety and intelligence, openness and fearlessness. open thru Oct by appt.

It's great to make new friends and see old friends like Roger and David.. Roger looked great and he's also got some new ink work. Plus, he looked great in his new leather gear. This photograph somehow seems to capture something very personal about them. I just think they are so present and without artifice in this portrait. So, I am sharing this photograph, with their permission, of course in honor of the Folsom St. Fair and thinking about all the old friends I saw and the new friends I made.