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September 18, 2011

photo of the day 9/18/2011. photo Mark I Chester. I wonder if this photo makes FB unsafe for children and if it will be removed. Or maybe I'll be removed. Nice to have rules so vague that anyone can be found in violation at someone's whim. This is a photo of a former marine who served in Iraq. You can't get more patriotic than that. He has photos of himself in Saddam's palace on one of his leather profiles. And he loves being controlled. Which may give an indication as to why he loved being in military service. I think he misses the intense forced control at all times. Wonder how many former military men and women miss having that kind of control structure in their lives post military? If you are out there, I can tell you how to find it! <eg>

But this isn't about military, sorry for getting distracted, this is about football because we clearly have entered the valley of the football games. Some gay men think that football is an exclusively hetero male activity and it is true that growing up, I hated family gatherings because ultimately the men ended up huddled around the TV watching every game they could. It was this bastion of super testosterone hetero male bonding that I felt I was not privy to. But living in Wisconsin with a quarterback like Bart Starr, at college, in a fraternity (gaack!), I did enjoy Sunday afternoon with the boys, watching while they drank themselves into a stupor on beer. I loved the male bonding, but puking over the porcelain throne just never seemed like something worth dreaming about, let alone worth doing repeatedly in reality. (Sorry Milwaukee..... I guess as a son of Milwaukee I haven't lived up to your reputation.)

And then after moving to San Francisco, during the 49ers run for glory, how could you not get swept up in the football madness as they won repeated championships, not by size, by speed, or by brawn but by athleticism and intelligence. Now THAT is a team that belongs in San Francisco. Still I have many memories of being abused by football types while in school. So the very idea of having some big, brawny, bound, muscly, sweaty, hairy guy down on his knees begging for it. Well................ <eg>