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September 12, 2011


photo of the day 9/12/2011. photo Mark I Chester.

The New World Rubbermen's Club from a gathering of rubber guys in San Diego in 1982. I talked John Embry, owner of Drummer Magazine, into flying me to San Diego to photograph and report on this gathering. Drummer had never run any images of men in rubber before. They weren't really sure that this was Drummer material, but I was sure. This is a photo of the men playing around in the backyard for the camera.

But my best story happened after the gathering. I mummified David in rubber and during the scene, his mother called. David is Chinese and his Chinese mother would not be satisfied with getting a call back. So I held the phone to David's ear, my having unwrapped his head enough so that he could listen and talk. As I held the phone I realized that all sons and mothers have the same conversation regardless of ethnicity or culture. Even though he was speaking Chinese, I could tell that he was saying, Yes, Mother. Yes, Mother. I will, Mother. Yes, Mother. This entire situation was so bizarre, so outrageous, that I could barely hold the phone still, let alone keep quiet during this theater of the absurd reality. After an eternity of 'Yes, Mother's, the conversation ended. I hung up the phone but couldn't stop laughing. Finally I re-wrapped David's head and we continued where we had left off.