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September 8, 2011


photo of the day 9/8/2011. photo Mark I Chester.

Men cruising outside the Brig, a long time SF South of Market gay leather bar. It was originally the No Name (because it had no name), The Bolt, The Brig and lately The PowerHouse. (And I could have missed other name changes....)  Of course, this was back when bar time led to cruising on dark alleyways like Ringold Alley.

I know that the bars have fallen on hard times, but you can't fault our nostalgia for them. When I came out there was no internet, no leather community, no leather publications, no classes, workshops, gatherings or leather conventions. There was nothing, except for the bars. Or if you were in a large enough city, a bathhouse or sex club.  Much of what I initially learned about the leather scene and what it meant to be a leatherman, I learned at the bars.