Mark I Chester photo of the day
Mark I Chester studio  1229 Folsom St./SF  415-621-6294 

August 21, 2011

photo of the day 8/21/2001. photo Mark I Chester 2005.

What a moment. You can just feel the ripples of emotion going through him. While I took these pix 6 years ago, I was just given permission to share them. And sometimes it is like that. When you are dealing with very personal, very deep issues, and sexuality is a very personal, very deep issue, few people can really let it all hang out. And that is even more true on Facebook. I don't have to worry about it though. My parents are dead and my family treats me as if I was dead, so I have nothing to lose. But don't misunderstand me. I pay a very high price for being so open about my life. I post this in honor of every angel who helps out from driving me to the store, to helping me pay my rent, just so I can keep taking photographs like this.

When I wrote him to tell him that I had posted his photograph, The man in the leather hood above wrote me the following:

Sometimes I feel that my soul belongs on Folsom St. It's easy to romanticize distant things - and I am sure daily life over there is far from a perpetual kinky fair. But it came to symbolize for me the home of those deep cravings I've had with me from childhood - and still haven't been able to live out as much as I would like to. Through your pics I feel like I am taking part in that tradition, that way of life that is deep inside of me and still so distant and most of the time unreachable. It feels like through your pics I have left at least the tiniest eternal mark of my own on Folsom, an anchor, a link to my true nature. And that feels good. I feel accepted, I feel like I belong - and honored that you found those pics worth showing to others. And thanx for the good text, too :)