Mark I Chester photo of the day
Mark I Chester studio  1229 Folsom St./SF  415-621-6294 

August 14, 2011

2nd photo of the day 8/14/2011. Polaroid of Mark I Chester in South of Market, SF. Likely mid 1980s. In my favorite colors, black, black, black and more black. Why do I wear black?  Because I am in mourning. I will always be in mourning. Taken in front of bagged coffee with the initials F.A.G. The photographer is unknown but it is the kind of photo that my friend Jack Mance would have taken of me.

We are still in a battle over identify and the right to define ourselves rather than having others define ...
us. I am currently fighting with an online gay/lesbian encyclopedia which has decided to define me as an S/M photographer based on the word of some silly queen who doesn't have a clue about my work. If I were an S/M photographer, if that defined who I was and the work I did, I would be shouting it from the roof tops. If I had to define myself, I would use the term 'gay radical sex photographer'. Saying that an S/M photographer is the same thing as a gay radical sex photographer is like saying a Catholic is the same thing as a Unitarian.  It shows ignorance and arrogance especially coming from those who claim to be speaking for gay people.  You'd think that gay/lesbian folk so often unfairly maligned by others would understand that.