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August 13, 2011


photo of the day Aug 13, 2011. photo Mark I Chester.

I've have mostly taken photographs in my studio since the mid-1980s.  My studio is part of the flat where I live.  In the last few years, I've taken a lot of very hot shots of Tim in gear. But this time I dragged him and a friend out on Folsom St. to see what kind of images we could create.

To me there is something so iconic in this shot in the way a leatherman stands, or maybe that is, in the way a leatherman leans. I find younger men into the scene, don't know how to lean because instead of hanging out in bars, they're all working their smart phones.  It is a small comfort for so many lost hours spent in dark, loud, smoke filled and liquored up bars. Just trying to grab an hour or two with someone like yourself before going back to the "real" world.