Mark I Chester photo of the day
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August 2, 2011


2nd photo of the day 8/2/2011. photo Mark I Chester 12/1983

Finding the Geoff Mains image must have made me nostalgic. I found this photo that I have always liked, but never exhibited or published. Anonymous young man photographed at King of Hearts, a bathhouse that exhibited my work. At night they turned off the lights on my work because the light would disturb the bathhouse patrons. 'Uh ... hello guys..... if you do that, no one can see my work.' So they put very low lights on them and you still couldn't see them.

It was a totally ridiculous situation, but when you are desperate to show your work, you are almost willing to try anything. I love that the sign is not totally readable, but we all know what it means. Bare chested construction guys with dirty jeans, hairy and sweaty, with muscles bulging. Well at least that is one fantasy. <wink>