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July 26, 2011


photo of the day 7/26/2011 - photographer unknown

The images of gay couples getting married in NY must have made me nostalgic. Through multiple fires and earthquakes only certain items have survived. This is a wedding portrait of my maternal grandparents, Harry and Julia Weisberg, who both emigrated here as young children from Russia. It is undated, so I am just guessing that it was taken in the early 1920s in Chicago.

I am fascinated by the photo style; neither bride nor groom are looking at the camera and they're both a bit stiff and somber. My grandfather reminds me of my cousin Leon when he was around that age. In my head I see my 'bubbie' as she was in her later years. I have a hard time recognizing her in this young woman so filled with dreams. But they both believed in the promise of America. I also believe in the promise of America, it is just that as gay men and women in NY get married, that promise seems to be sparkling just a little bit brighter.