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July 22, 2011

photo of the day 7/22/2011 photo ? Mark I Chester, 1983/84

This is a photograph of a young man named Bill Browning that I loved in the early 1980s. He was a NYC alphabet city boy and self described "punk". As this photograph shows, he loved showing off what a boy he was. ;) He was also a musician and an artist. He was a Leo and loved dressing up in fetish, gear and punk. He had tribal tattoos and so many piercings in his ear that you couldn't count them. When it came to his self evolution he was fearless.

He died from AIDS at the age of 27, before he ever had the chance to develop fully into the person he could have become. The lie is that time heals all wounds. There is no way that such a wound could ever heal. Maybe the only saving grace is that in time, you learn to live with your wounds.