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July 20, 2011

photo of the day 7/20/2011 photo Mark I Chester

16x20 inch photographs printed on 17x22 digital photo paper for my upcoming open studio for Dore Weekend, or the Up Your Alley Fair Weekend. Laid out on my studio floor. This first time I have printed digital prints this large myself. And archival too!

I am learning a lot, which isn't necessarily the best state to be in when producing work for a show in a limited time frame. It's a confusing, disturbing state. Are they great? Or just so much nonsense? Will anyone connect with what i am doing? Or am I just deluding myself? ;) I am far too close to view them rationally or with an impartial eye.

A friend suggested that I should only worry about what matters to me as an artist, and for me, that is taken for granted.  Except that I'd be foolhardy to suggest that even though I would still do the work, even if no one understood, every artist would like to know that someone else connects with their work and appreciates it.