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July 7, 2011


photo of the day 7/7/2011 - photo Mark I Chester
"Geoff Mains - Lighting the way in the darkness.", 4/1984

I am posting this photo of Urban Aboriginal's author Geoff Mains in honor of my friend Rostom who has been studying those times and loves this photo. The portrait is from a personal photo session with Geoff which was done before "Urban Aboriginals" was published.

Geoff's book is now a classic and gay sexual history, but then it was just an idea in his head that he was passionately pursuing. His faith in it was absolute. He wanted my photographs to illustrate the book because he felt that my photographs were a match for his words and the ideas that he was trying to express. But Winston Leyland, publisher of Gay Sunshine dashed those dreams when he rudely rejected my work as not being commercial enough. Geoff caved without a fight and I was heartbroken and just couldn't get past it.