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July 6, 2011


photo of the day 7/6/2011. photo Mark I Chester.
artwork by Lee Becker

I post these "cookies" in honor of Lee Becker. Lee is the mother of artist Dan Becker, a friend and long time supporter of Gay Men's Sketch and Hot Draw! When Lee visits SF, she draws with us and hangs out with Lost Boys, a subset of GMS. She's a hoot - gregarious, independent and an artist in her own right. Every gay man should have a mom who is as accepting and loving of her gay son as Lee is. You'll find some of her drawings in the Gay Men's Sketch album.

We must have suggested that as a mom, that she should bake us some cookies and send them to us.  So instead, she drew 12 gingerbread men and sent them instead.  I love how wonderfully demented these cookies are.  You can tell that the artist had a tremendous sense of humor and really enjoyed making them.  And a willingness to poke fun.  I mean many of them are accessorized with leather and chains.  Now what mom of a gay son is that open and accepting?