Mark I Chester photo of the day
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July 5, 2011


2nd photo of the day 7/5/2011.  photo Mark I Chester.

Recently, I learned of the passing of my friend John Cheek when I was contacted about this photo by a mutual acquaintance. It just came out in conversation. It's not the first time in our community that I have learned of someone's passing in passing conversation. This is a photograph taken for a series called "Bad Boys on Parade, portraits on the verge of the new millennium" 1999. Many of the men for this series are in leather, kink, fetish, big boots or other masculine wear. But for John, it was a tux and a cigar.

He was multi-talented. Very twisted. Gentle soul. But that doesn't mean he couldn't bite. ;) People live on because you carry them in your heart. I know that John was proud of this photo and how it represented him.